5 Important Poker Tells

Poker tells are the physical and verbal actions of a poker player giving indirect information to the opponents about the cards he/she might be holding. 

As a poker enthusiast, you must be familiar with the importance of poker tells. But, how to read them in your opponent, is a concern to be discussed. 

Today, we are going to reveal some important poker tells that are going to take your poker game to a pro-level.

Without any further ado, let us get started:

1. Is Your Opponent Looking at You? 

Someone just said it right that eyes can reveal your deepest secrets. The same is the case in poker. Eye contact is one of the most crucial poker tells you must never ignore. 

When your opponent looks straight into your eyes it might mean that he/she has some interesting cards it might be worth worrying about. 

Or, if your opponent is trying to avoid any kind of eye contact with you or is frequently getting nervous when you look at him/her, it can be a sign of bluffing. 

2. Is your opponent taking too long to act? 

How fast your opponent responds is another poker tell that can help you read your opponent. 

Most players are eager to act when they have strong hands. On the other hand, those players with fairly weak or mediocre hands tend to think a lot before acting. 

However, making a decision solely based on the time your opponent takes to act may not be the most appropriate choice. Make sure that you consider other factors as well before being impulsive in acting. 

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3. Keep a close check on where your opponent looks 

Many players have behavioral leaks i.e. they tend to act in a certain way after making a decision. To read your opponent, it is important to keep a close check on all these actions. 

For example, A number of poker players, when they have a strong hand, start making eye contact more often after betting or raising. 

Such tells can give you a deep insight of your opponents’ game when unignored. This is most often their subconscious showing the signs. To be a winning poker player, it is important to spot the smallest of the small signs. 

4. Don’t ignore the verbal poker tells 

Verbal poker tells are also one of the most effective ones to read your opponents. If your opponent is usually quiet while playing but suddenly starts talking too much or vice versa, there is something speculative. 

Also, the tone can unveil a lot about the opponent. If the tone is most often confident and sure, it may mean that he/she has some valuable hands. However, in case of uncertainty in the voice, then you can suppose that your opponent has some mediocre hands or might be bluffing you. 

5. Do you see those hands shivering? 

Do you remember those days when your teacher caught you cheating and your hands would start shivering? Well, shaking hands are one of the most basic tells every player must observe in their opponents. 

While holding their chips or their cards if you see those hands shaking, it may mean that your dear opponent is bluffing you or he/she has some of those weak hands. 

Poker tells reveal a lot about everyone on the table. While reading others, don’t forget someone might be observing you as well. So, just as important it is to read others, it is also crucial to hide or control your tells as well. 

Do let us know if you found this helpful or not. Write us down in the comment section below. You can also give us suggestions or blogs that you would like to read. 

Till then, don’t show your tells. 


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