7 habits of a successful Poker Player

Whenever I mention Poker to anyone, I realize the fact that today the number of people playing poker is rising.  However, on the other hand, there is another realization that has latched on to me recently.

Even when poker has gained so much fame, only a handful of people are able to make it to the professional level. 

What is the reason??? 

Well, the only reason why some players are successful and others just keep struggling is their lifestyle and their habits. 

So, today we are going to peep into the lifestyle of successful poker players and discuss 7 poker habits that make them a winning player. 

Here we go!!!

1. Plan your day in advance 

Being organized helps you in achieving your goals. Planning your days assists you in doing so. Plan your days, prioritize your tasks. 

You can do the planning by roughly picturizing in your head or by writing down your plans. This way, you don’t just go on wasting your time & energy on the tasks that are of less importance. 

Just how you plan your day, plan your weekly tasks, then your monthly tasks, and finally the yearly tasks. Now, while you plan it ahead, do not forget to cross out the things that you have got done. This way your brain gets the satisfaction of achieving the goals.

Productive planning and organizing is a habit of every successful poker player. 

2. Don’t compromise on your sleep!

One of the most important skills in poker is a mental skill. 

To keep yourself mentally healthy, it is important that your mind is calm and relaxed before any game. Not taking the required sleep initially might just cost you a match or two. But, if you are very habitual of improper sleep cycles, it is definitely going to create a negative impact on your whole career. 

Lack of sleep often results in tilting, impulsive decision making, and lack of focus amongst the players. 

To avoid the same, the key is to take a healthy and relaxing sleep.

3. Smile more often at your opponents 

Smiling at your opponents helps you in various ways. 

It does not only create a relaxed environment on the table but also helps you in creating a likable image in your opponents´ eyes. So, even if you are introverted or shy, smiling at times is not going to harm you even a bit. 

Now, when I say keep smiling, I am certainly not trying to say, don’t stop smiling. We don’t want to be looking lunatic, right? 

A successful poker player knows when to smile and when not to. At times, smiling at the wrong moments might give a tell to your opponent.

4. Observe your opponents or just everything 

Observation is a habit that almost every die-hard poker player possesses. Not just on the table, excellent observational skills help them in their day-to-day life as well. 

Most beginners complain of not being able to read their opponents. Professional players often use their exceptional observational skills to read their opponents. 

You can start by observing your surroundings. Wherever you go or whatever you do, just observe what people are doing and how they are behaving. This also gives insight into human behavior and helps you judge your opponent better at the table. 

While you observe, trying asking yourself questions. For example, if your opponent taps his/her feet too often, ask why? Well, they might be having poor cards and are trying to conceal their nervousness for the same.  

Having strong observational skills is a key trait of any winning poker player.

5. Keep calm and start meditating!

Meditation helps you stay calm in tough situations and improves your concentration. 

Poker matches can go on for a long. Sometimes they can go on for 3 days straight. In such long games, most players lose their calm and start getting frustrated. This usually becomes a reason why they lose. 

Successful poker players know how crucial it is to have mental calm in cumbersome never-ending matches. Hence, most poker players practice meditation on a regular basis. 

Make a small one, but make a start! Start by meditating for 15 minutes every day. 

6. Exercise for better physical health 

Just how crucial the mental health of a player is, equally important it is to keep up with the physical health. 

For every sportsperson, staying fit is the key. Poker is a sport and staying fit is important for all poker players. The tiring long hours of the matches are hard to cope with for everyone. As a result, players often practice physical exercises to stay fit. 

Exercising indirectly helps in improving your game. So, if you have not yet included it in your everyday schedule it is time for you to do it now.

7. Stop ranting too much

Not just in poker but you must stop doing that in your regular life as well. 

It is certain that poker is dynamic in nature. While sometimes you might be winning too much, other times you might be losing. Most beginners start complaining in such situations. 

And, that is the difference between a beginner and a pro player.

Professional poker players accept their defeat without complaining or blaming it on luck. Rather than ranting about your losses, you can actually start learning in order to make your game better and improve your chances of winning. 

Do you already have these habits of successful poker players or you need to work upon them? 

Let us know by commenting down in the section below. Feel free to share this article with your friends to help them be a poker pro. 


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