7 Must-Read Poker Books For 2021

Not all readers are poker masters. But all poker masters are definitely avid poker books’ readers. 

Today, in this article we’re going to talk about 7 must-read poker books in 2021. Reading books is one of the best sources to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Here, we have compiled a list of the books that you should read if you are looking forward to refining your poker skills. 

With no further ado, let’s get started. Please note that the below-mentioned books are in no particular order. 

Getting Started in Hold’em 

Getting started in Hold'em

Written by Ed Miller, this book is suitable for beginners. The book talks about the fundamentals of playing Hold’em and elucidates the readers the art of winning consistently in the game. Unlike other books that mostly revolve around the same facets of the game, this book gives a whole new perspective on playing winning poker. 

Small Stakes Hold’em 

Small stakes holdem

Authored by Edward Miller, Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky, this book gives you the deepest insights about the most played type of poker game i.e. Hold’em. It explains to its readers some of the advanced concepts with the help of examples and spells out the strategies & techniques of winning the game. If you have just started playing the game and want to make a kick-start at small stake matches, then this book can be an apt pick for you. 

The Theory of Poker 

The theory of poker

Written by David Sklansky, the book is a complete guide for any poker player who is interested in learning and improving their game. The book not only discusses the concept of NLHE but also explains the fundamentals of different poker variants including five-card draw, seven-card stud, etc. Not only the basic theory of poker, but it also clears up some of the advanced topics like bluffing, raising, bet sizing and a lot more for its readers. 

The Mental Game of Poker 

The mental game of poker

Most novice players complain of going on tilts frequently. If you too are one of these players, then this book is definitely the one that you should pick. Authored by Jared Tendler, the book aims at improving the mental game of the players. It throws light on less-talked concepts of poker, like, building confidence, finding motivation, controlling tilts, etc. Majority of players know the rules of poker but what they lack is “how” to play the game. With this worthy read, you’ll get to learn the same. 

Doyle Brunson’s Super System 

super system

Doyle Brunson is one of the most renowned poker players. Written by the godfather himself, the book is so rich in its content. It is often referred to as the bible of poker. Shedding light over some of the new concepts of the game (back when the book was published), the book helps enthusiasts get clear over the basics of poker. Even though the game has evolved immensely, the book is a must-have for someone who wants to get a deeper understanding. 

Kill Everyone 


Kill Everyone is a book any poker addict must right away add to their TBR. Authored by Lee Nelson, it was published in the year 2007. Exposing its readers to the techniques and strategies required to ace any poker tournament, it is a time worthy read for any poker fan. It also explains the importance of aggression while playing and changing your game plan according to the changing game scenarios. If you want to look at poker with an all-new perspective, then this is the book you must read. 

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players 

tournament poker

If you are someone who has been playing poker for some time now and wants to take the game to a higher level, then this poker guide can be an appropriate pick for you. David Sklansky’s book teaches its readers how to refine their skills and be victorious almost at every poker tournament. 

How many from the list have you read already? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, tell us what you would like to read next on our blog. Happy reading! 




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