How You Should Think Being A Beginner Poker Player?

Being a new poker player, it is important to think in the right direction. What most beginner poker players tend to do is, think about ways how to make their game better in order to win. However, poker is not a game where the victory is restricted just to your game, it highly depends on the way how your opponent plays as well.

Suppose, a poker match is going on and the cards are dealt with you. What most beginners tend to do is, think about their cards while, on the other hand, what a professional player would do is, think about his cards and his opponent’s cards too. That is how, merely a difference in thinking, can help you be at a different position at the end of the game.

Being a newbie, you don’t have to worry about the way you think. There is still time to develop your thinking the apt way right from the beginning. For the same, here are some of the ways how you must give shape to your thoughts at a poker match.

Expand Your Thinking


While at the poker table, your thinking must not be the only thing that should be your concern but you should additionally be aware of what your opponent might be thinking at the very moment. Hence, there are different levels of how your thinking must function. Let us take a look at them –

Level 1 – Primarily, think about your cards. What cards you have, whether you like them or not, whether they are going to be advantageous for you or the case is just going to be the other way round.

Level 2 – The next level of thinking involves, thinking of what the other players might be having. Use your poker skills well to judge their body language, expressions, etc to head on to the most likely guess.

Level 3 – Now this one might sound tricky, the next step is to think about what they think that you may be having.

Level 4 – After the third level, the fourth one involves thinking about what they think you think they have. And, for the rest of the levels, you can keep going on with the process.

Adjust Your Strategy


Now that you know how you must think like a poker player, the next step is to adjust your strategy the apt way. An intelligent player always knows at what level his/her opponent is probably thinking. Once they get to know the thinking capability of the opponent, the next step is to develop the strategy as per the thinking of the player sitting opposite to them.

One must never, I repeat, ‘never’ be adamant with the poker strategy. You find different players every time. They have different ways of thinking and different strategies to play the game. A professional and successful poker player always adjusts the strategy depending upon the opponent and the way he/she plays.

It is certain that getting deep with your thinking, being a new player, is in no way a cakewalk. It will take time and practice to reach a level that you desire. To achieve the same, it is recommendable for a person to be regular with playing poker. After all, it is a learning process and thinking in a suitable way is something you need to attain to be a professional player at poker.

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