Beginners’ Guide to Start Playing Poker – Things You Need to know

Being new to poker, initially, you might face a number of troubles while playing the game. While, at moments, you might not be aware of the rules, at other times, you might just not know what the other person said because of some of the terms that you are yet not aware of.

Is that your situation right now with poker? If yes, here is a short guide for the beginners that introduces them to all the things that they need to know. Without any further ado, let us get started –


There are four rounds in poker and a final showdown that decides who wins the game and takes the pot home. Let us take a look at them in detail –

Pre-Flop – The first round or the pre-flop begins after the poker players are dealt with their two cards.

The Flop – once the first round is completed, three different cards are dealt facing up in the middle of the table. These cards are known as community cards as any player can use them to form their hand combinations.

The Turn – after the flop, if there are still active players, a fourth card is dealt. Like the other three community cards, this one is also available for all the players.

The River – one final and fifth community card is dealt and the betting takes place once again just like the previous rounds.

The Showdown – there is usually a winner before this round. But, if there are still players, finally, the cards are shown and whoever has the best cards takes the money in the pot. In the case of any tie situation, the amount is split among the players.


Now that you are aware of the poker rounds, the next important thing that defines the game is Betting. Here is how you can make bets in your first poker game –

Check – An equivalent of betting nothing and passing the chance to another player is what is known as a check. If every player plays check in one round, then another round begins. In this new round, you now have to deal with a new card.

Bet/Raise – when a person voluntarily adds money into the pot, it is known as a bet or a raise. It is a bet when you are the first one to add money to the pot. On the other hand, it is a raise when there have been players who have already added money to the pot before you.

Call – after a player makes a bet or a raise, one player needs to make a call i.e. to match the amount being placed in the pot by the player who bet or raised the amount. If no one calls the amount, there are chances that the player who bet/raised may win the amount of the pot.

Fold – if any player bets or raises before you and you do not feel like your hand is worthy enough to bet further or raise, you can choose not to take part in that round by folding your cards.


Being new at poker, most players suffer from hand rankings. Some do not know which hand should they choose to win while others face difficulties in memorizing the hand combinations. Take a look at all the important hand rankings that a newbie must know.

Start Playing Online

Now that you are aware of the basic poker rules listed above, the next step is to start playing the game. To practice your knowledge and skills, you can start by playing the game online. An ample number of poker websites offer you the opportunity to play the game without spending a lot of money. For any beginner, it is a wise decision to start by playing online. You can learn by observing your game even by making smaller bets.

Keep these poker rules in mind before you face your poker opponent and make an impactful poker start.

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