How to Find the Best Site to Play Poker

Someone who is new to online poker. The first question that can pop-up is, which can be the best site to play poker online? It is always important to make yourself safe and secure before sharing your personal and financial details on the internet.

Let us see what are the check-lists that requires your ticks before you share your personal details and start playing online. 

Look for the Genuine Reviews


If you’re planning to play online the first thing which you as a player should look for is the website reviews. Go for the site which has a large number of reviews. But you need to be careful with the reviews as they can be fake too. Check whether the site has an adequate number of fifty to sixty reviews.  

Look for the bad reviews too, from there you can collect correct true information about the site. But here also you need to be careful about it. Generally, rival sites post negative reviews to cut down the competition. So, do not trust the sites blindly cross-check the site properly and then start playing. 

Feature and Technology 


Before starting to play check the feature of the site. Obviously, you don’t want the site to hang or lag in between your game. 

You also have to beware of the bots which can be present in the game. There can be high chances that you’re playing with a bot. So, you have to be very careful and check properly while playing the game. 

Functionality and Customer Support


People play poker for fun and money. It’s quite natural that nobody loves to wait for a week or month when they make good cash out. 

As a player, you should check how do they serve their customers. Check if they are responsive on both mail and on phone. Because it takes little time for a person to connect on mail. Phone calls can be more effective for a proper conversation.

Organic Traffic


Use any organic traffic tool to find out if the site is reputable or not. Determining the websites traffic can be the best way to check its reputation. The best site will have moderate to high traffic. And the unpopular sites will be left with no players on the tables, even at the peak hours. Avoid playing at such kind of sites.

Site With Game Variants


As you already know there are so many variants of the poker game like Chinese Poker, Razz, Pot-Limit Omaha, Texas Hold’em, etc. 

No player loves to play the same type of game each and every time. Select a site which allows you to play all variants of the game. Because you for sure don’t want to end up playing the same type of game, this will only lead you to boredom.

Look for the Correct Ratio 


Checking a site which has a balance of all types of players is quite difficult these days. Because everybody wants to play with fish players, as they make the game easy to win and earn. An ideal site keeps a good balance between professional and novice players. So, before starting to play make sure to test various sites for the correct ratio.



This is for the players who like to stick to one site and play online regularly. For them, it’s important that they take rakeback offers from that particular site. Each site has a different way of giving it. Some make the players collect points and then buy cash rewards. Whereas, other sites offer flat rakeback percentage and fund the amount weekly or monthly in the players’ account. So, select according to your preference which suits you the best.

Mentioned above were some aspects which you should consider before selecting an online site for playing poker. If you like reading it, then keep visiting our site for more updates related to these kinds of topic.


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