Did You Know These Facts About Your Poker Cards?

At some or the other point in life, we all have played cards. Or, if not played, we certainly have owned a deck of cards, right?

However, not a lot many times you would have stopped playing to wonder where they came from or who played them first.

Well, that’s why today we will unravel some never-known facts about your poker cards. Ready? Let us get started.

Fact 1 – Reason Why a Deck has 4 Suits

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The reason for having 4 suits in a deck is quite skeptical. However, many believe that a deck having 4 suits first appeared in the Chinese deck of cards. The deck had 4 suits and each suit had a different money value. This version of Chinese cards was similar to the basic deck that we now play with.

Nevertheless, today different cultures have different playing cards. Countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, have developed their own deck of cards. Unlike the regular cards, their decks have different suits than a normal deck of poker cards.

Fact 2 – Why Your Deck has Only 52 Cards?

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Did you ever think why your poker deck has 52 cards and not 64? Well, speaking about the number of cards, no one can be sure about the real reason behind the same.

Throughout ancient times, people played with decks consisting of 24, 36, 40 and 48 cards. The question that now arises is, then why 52? One of the explanations is the widespread of the French deck all around during the English and French colonialism.

Another justification that most people believe in, is its relation to a calendar year. In simpler words, a deck has 52 cards which are also the number of weeks that we have in a year. Also, on summing up all the symbols of a deck, one gets an amount (i.e. 365) equaling the number of days we have in a year.

Fact 3 – What Led To The Invention of Poker Cards?

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It is believed that this culture of playing cards was spread across by the Chinese with their invention of cards back in the 9th century. Many also say that the first deck of cards was actually a 32-card Chinese domino deck. However, on the other hand, people are also dubious about the invention as some believe that the first deck was the currency used for gambling games.

Fact 4 – What Are the Popular and Accurate Ways to Shuffle a Deck?

Shuffling of poker cards is crucial to ensure the randomness of the deck. Most popular ways of shuffling a deck are riffle, overhand and Hindu shuffling.

In the case of riffle shuffling, a deck is divided into 2 halves. These halves are then kept facing each other. A player, then, uses his thumbs of both the hands holding each half and releases the cards in a way that they intertwine each other. This method of shuffling is usually opted by the casinos for the reason that it does not reveal the cards.

On the other hand, in most of the Asian countries, people practice the Hindu way to shuffle their cards. In this way, the player keeps the deck in one hand. Then, using the other hand keeps dividing the deck into smaller parts and adding them to the remaining cards.

Fact 5 – The Most Famous Deck of Cards!

Talking about the most famous deck of cards, the Bicycle brand produced cards are most often used by the magicians, casinos, poker players, etc. all over. The brand gained popularity during the year 1885 at the time of WWII and the Vietnam War.

The company sent crates of cards to the American soldiers at the time of the Vietnam War. This was one of the ways to flee the Vietnamese seeing the cards resting upon the dead people as a reaction to their superstitious beliefs regarding poker cards. However, later it was discovered that this was merely a myth.

Fact 6 – What Quality Cards Do Casinos Prefer?

Casinos prefer cards made of plastic for their use. One of the reasons for using 100% plastic cards is their durability. Unlike normal paper cards, these cards are more durable. Moreover, casinos also require the safety of their cards. Marking/writing on plastic cards is not as easy as paper cards which makes them suitable for casino use. Nowadays, one can easily buy plastic poker cards online as an ample number of card producing companies manufacture them keeping in mind their durability.

Did you ever think that your poker cards have so much to say about them?


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