How to Fight Emotional Triggers While You’re Playing Poker?

Poker is a game where your current state of mind matters a lot. No matter how small a thing can be, it can become the reason for an emotional trigger or tilt and can ruin your game within seconds. While sometimes external triggers start to bother us so much, there are other times when game-related triggers become a reason for us to lose the game.

Having tilts in the middle of the game usually takes a negative turn and thus probably results in losing the game. Have you been in a similar situation at some or the point in your life? Well, if so, here are some of the ways how you can avoid or fight your emotional triggers while you are playing poker-

Self Knowledge

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An important thing that is surely going to help you against your tilt is having self-knowledge. We often ignore things that trigger us and hence it results in them overpowering us. Notice your surroundings to know what the things are, that disturbs you the most and leads to having a tilt. Once you will recognize these things that trigger a tilt, you will be in a position to side-step it.

Know Your Game Thoroughly

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To avoid internal triggers at a poker match, it is crucial for a player to know the game thoroughly. The more you will start gaining knowledge of the game, the more strategies you are going to learn. Keeping everything clear in your head will make you take better poker decisions. It will become a part of your playing habit to double-check your cards every time you make a crucial decision, even at the times when you are going through a tilt. Knowing poker is surely not going to help you in all of your tilts but it will definitely help you make it better.

Know the Probabilities

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Knowing probabilities well and being realistic at the game is another thing that helps fighting tilts. Usually, the poker players overestimate their chances of having the best hand combinations which lead to later feeling disappointed when other players draw out their expected hands. Being realistic at the game and making the best use of poker probability will help you make better decisions at your crucial poker game and increase your chances of winning it. Most of the tilts that players experience while they play are trivial and self-created. In order to avoid it, you have to be an aggressive poker player.

Stop Playing

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If none of the above-listed ways work for you, an easy way to avoid tilt is to stop playing the game. Yes, you heard it right. You can take a small break and walk around to calm yourself. Do not try to talk with a friend or your opponent as it might just worsen the situation. Despite trying everything, if you still do not feel in the best state of your mind, it will be better to stop playing the game and not waste your hard-earned penny.

Being in the right state of mind is important in poker if winning the game is your aim. Experiencing a tilt while you are at it can become a reason why you might lose it. To avoid the same, try these above-listed steps to avoid an emotional trigger.

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