How Playing Poker Helps You in Business?

Playing poker and running a business are closely related. Many say, to be an expert poker player, one needs to consider it as a business. Well, it certainly is true.

You have to bear all the profits and losses all alone. Playing poker requires an ethic just like having your own business. Since poker is like a business, it teaches you a lot about it that can help you be a successful entrepreneur.


Wondering how poker helps in business? Let us take a look –

Makes You Calculative

Both poker and business require calculations. Risk is an integral part of poker. However, when a player must take a risk, calculations are required. All-in is one of the moves that is the riskiest. It can either make you lose it all or win it all. An expert player uses his/her calculative skills and makes this move only when there is a surety of winning.

Similarly business too is a name of risk. There may be a number of deals coming your way but not all might be worth investing in. A calculative poker player will know when and which deal might be worth taking up the risk.

Helps You Deal with Pressure


Being a poker player helps you in dealing with pressure. Situations at a poker match are always changing. Sometimes you may be having amazing hands while sometimes things may not work in your favour. In such circumstances, a poker player learns that being calm is the only option to face it wisely.

At a business also, there occur events that can make you lose your calm. Playing poker can teach you how to deal with this pressure in business too.

Makes You Patient

Sure there are a number of people opting to play poker every day. However, only a handful of these players reach the level where they can be called experts. Many impatient players opt out of the game. To be successful, one has to be patient and continue to work against the skills.

Similar is the case with business, there is an ample number of businesses starting each day. But, only a few of them endure and become successful. Playing poker teaches you to be patient throughout the process.

Both Run on Similar Basis


Just like an entrepreneur, a poker player is also looking for the cards that he/she needs and their opponents might be having. In business, an entrepreneur is also continuously looking to sell things that others might not be having. Both poker and business run on the same basis with the main objective of earning the maximum profit.

So, if you are a poker player and looking forward to starting a business of your own, polish your poker skills to get started!

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