How to Choose a Perfect Bet Size?

Wagering perfectly with an appropriate bet size is a complex task in poker that needs knowledge, skills, and finesse. 

A perfect bet may vary in different situations. 

Considering the fact that a winning bet keeps on changing, here we are going to discuss a number of factors that help successful players in forming winning bets and giving their game a winning edge: 

So, let us get into it. 

Don’t hesitate to increase your bet size pre-flop when you see weak players 

The primary focus of any poker player is to extract maximum value or money from the weak players. In order to achieve the same, one must increase the size of their bet when they spot weak opponents on the table. 

Most fishes or inexperienced players do not pay close attention to bet sizing and as a result, choose to raise the call without considering the value of their hands. This increases the pot amount and can result in heavy winnings. 

Reduce your bets when it is a dry board post-flop

Getting a dry board post-flop reduces your opportunities of forming the best winning hands. Hence, it is very crucial to reduce the size of your bets. It is important to bet but with a small size. 

meme on dry board in poker

Keep in mind: Our ultimate goal is to make our opponents fold and win that pot. So, when it is a dry board, there is no point in increasing your risks by betting big. 

Is it a wet board? Increase your bet size to almost double!! 

Wet board, unlike a dry board, increases your opportunities of forming valuable hands. In such a case, when you have winning hands, the sole aim should be to extract maximum value. Betting larger helps you achieve the same objective. 

Hence, one must increase the bet-size post-flop by 50% – 80% depending upon the hands and the board. The increased betting size will additionally help in improving your opponents’ fold-equity. 


Don’t forget to make the most out of your nut advantage by over-betting 

Being the only one at the table with the best hands is advantageous. For the board that supports your hand range more than your opponents’, over-betting is going to be the right and most profitable action one must take. 

So, when you got those nuts, don’t forget to over-bet!! 

meme on nut advantage for bet size

These were some of the crucial factors that are going to help you master your bets. Apply these tips to your next game for winning results. 

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