How to Deal with Poker Defeat? Big Stack Poker University

One of the characteristics of poker is its dynamic nature. In the game, whether it is a beginner or an expert, one can never be sure of losing or winning. No player can always win. If you are winning, you can never be sure if you will continue to win or not.

In such a case, for any poker player, it becomes important to know how to deal with their poker defeats. Not a lot of players are sanguine about losing crucial poker matches.

Here we have jotted down some of the tips for you to deal with your poker defeat the best way –

Where Did You Make a Mistake?


Rather than ranting and complaining about your defeat, you need to ask yourself this simple question, “where did I make a mistake?” Observe your mistakes and moves where you lacked and lost the game. Once you know the mistakes, the next thought must involve how to overcome your mistakes. Not repeating the same mistakes should be the first step to improve your mistakes.

Losing a Session Doesn’t Mean You Lost the Game

There are players who consider poker not as a game but as smaller sessions. Losing some sessions makes them negative and leaves them with a thought that they’re going to lose the whole game. With the built-up stress and burden, they often end up losing. If you have lost a crucial session, do not pay extra attention to it. Start thinking of playing the next sessions and winning them.

Do Not Let Your Defeat Disturb Your Bankroll


Losing at poker disturbs your bankroll. A lot of players get so blown away with their defeat that they continue playing more to regain their lost money. They often end up exhausting their poker bankroll and being bankrupt. One must have a totally separate poker bankroll for the game. In no case, should you play more often than your bankroll allows you to. You might end up in poor financial condition otherwise.

Start Playing the Game More Often

Lack of familiarity with the game can be one of the reasons why you continue losing in poker. An easy and simple way to deal with your defeat is to start playing the game more often. To learn and rectify your mistakes, you can also choose to play online. Since online poker games allow smaller bets, playing online would be a better choice than playing tournaments or live cash games.

Being optimistic when you lose poker holds crucial importance in handling defeat the right way. Keep in mind the above-listed tips and let us know if they helped you to deal with your poor poker situations or not.

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