How to play against poker limpers?

A player who checks more often rather than raising a bet is known as a poker limper.

Playing against poker limpers can be one of the most annoying tasks. But not when you see them as your potential pot builders.

Today, we are going to cover an important topic of playing against poker limpers and defeating them, in this article.

Don’t be an open-limper in poker

dont be an poker limper

Open-limping is when you choose to just call the bet of the big blind in the pot as the first player. This is rarely seen as a profitable game strategy by any poker expert which is the reason why it is mostly suggested to not be an open-limper in the game.

Now, open-limping is not at all similar to limping behind the poker limpers which some novice players confuse it with. Limping after a limper is considered a good poker strategy and can be profitable too.

On the other hand, open-limping is a passive and weak game strategy according to most of the poker professionals. It takes away your chances of winning the pot thus leaving you with lesser winning opportunities. Moreover, open-limpers are left with fewer chances of winning it post-flop too. 

So what should you do, if not open-limp? Well, raising is the most recommended action pre-flop after the BB. 


-1 Raising preflop will result in the weak hand-holders folding their cards.

-2 It increases your chance of winning post-flop. 

Now, you know why being an open-limper is not one of the best strategies for you. Next, we are going to look at how to play against these limpers. 

#1 Understand the strategy of the limper

All limpers might not have the same strategy. To play against them profitably, the first step is to understand the strategy that they choose to play. Different limpers play with different hand rangesMost limpers play with straightforward hand ranges. Playing with straightforward ranges means that the player raises when he/she think that they have a strong hand and limps when they believe their hand is not worth raising or is weak, in other words. However, on the other hand, some of the limpers just raise any pair. 

poker cards

All these players opt for playing with a different strategy. So, in order to beat them, it is essential to figure out their game-play. Once you understand this, you can plan and play your game in a way that ruins their strategy and improves your winning chances. 

#2 Play tight against these limpers 

Theoretically, playing aggressive is seen as the best play against the limpers. Whenever a player open-limps he is trying to tell his opponents that he has got a hand that is good enough to be played from the position he is in. In this case, playing tight is recommended.

#3 Raise with strong pairs 

Raise in poker

As per most professionals, in order to crush the limpers, you should raise strong pairs and hands. You must have a linear range of the best hands to raise. You can also try to bluff them but the best play is to stick with raising them. The reason being, you want to extract the maximum value from them. Avoid slow playing against the limpers. 

These are some basic tips to play against the limpers. Let us know if you have found this article helpful by commenting down in the section below. Also, share your the topics you would like to read in future.  


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