How To Study your Opponent To Ensure Your Win In Poker?

When talking about poker, what most people tend to think is, it being a gambling game. While they consider bluffing as an important part of the game, a lot of them forget that there is a lot more to it.

If you have ever played poker then you must know the importance of reading your opponents throughout the game. While studying your opponent is a crucial strategy to increase your chances of winning the game, not a lot of players are aware of how to use it.

Here are some of the tips on how you can improve your skills of studying your opponent –

Showdown Hands


The best information that you can get about your opponent is when you turn over your cards at showdown. At the showdown of every betting round, you get to see your opponent’s cards. If you replay these rounds in your mind and try to join the clues together, you will get to know how your opponent values his hand combinations. It gives you an insight into whether your opponent was betting or raising. Whether he was bluffing or he actually had that big hand. After turning the cards down, you get a lot of crucial information about your opponent.

Decisions Speak

poker cards

It is usually said that you can get your opponent’s gameplay within the first 10 minutes that you meet him. But, is that true? To be honest, it is not. Yes, you do get to know about your opponent a lot within the first ten minutes but you do not know all that you should. To know his strategies and techniques, the better way, you should take a closer look at the decisions your opponent continues to make. This will give you a clear idea of how you must shape your poker game next.

Bet Range

Poker Cards- Big Stack Poker University (2)

The next important thing that you must consider to read your opponent the right way is through his/her bets. There are times when poker players bluff through their bets. Most of them start betting small when they have a big hand and want a call. They would want to keep the pot size smaller when they have an average hand. Analyzing your opponent’s bet sizes is surely going to give you a peep inside their poker strategy.

The above listed are some of the ways how you can improve your skills of studying your poker opponent. However, do not forget to keep in mind that the other player is also skillful and will continue to change his/her playing strategy as per the changing game. Do not ever be overconfident about your reading skills.

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