Can I Make Money by Playing Poker? Big Stack Poker University

I have seen many beginners asking this question whether they can earn money by playing poker or not? The answer is “yes”, you can easily make money by playing poker, but you should know well to play the game. More appropriately, this means playing in the right game, against the right person and playing with the correct cards. Wishing to earn money, then you should also know how to control your tilt. 

Mostly, people start learning poker or start playing poker because it’s a game of skill and at the same time it allows them to earn money. Many get puzzled with the fortune element. 

Mentioned below are some are steps by which you can start earning by playing poker

How to Earn by Playing Online

Play with Novice Players


While playing online make sure you’re playing at certain platforms that are full of bad recreational players who are making mistakes constantly. There are certain sites where you can check the statistics of the players playing the game and then start playing the game. So, these are things which you should check for:

Players are limping a lot.

  • Betting with the minimum amount.
  • Looking for every draw and calling all the time.
  • Showing all bad hands at the time of showdown.

How to Earn Money by Playing at the Casino

Earning bundles in a casino is quite difficult. First of all, you need to walk down to the casino. If you live in a rural area than you have to look for one, and it can be far from your place. This can be a reason for you to worry upon. 

Let’s say you have a casino nearby and you can earn by going there. Firstly, you have to deposit a small amount of cash to get chips in return. The only difference in live poker is that you always need to exchange money for the chips. 

While playing online you keep an eye on your winning rate and cash out your winning amount whenever you see it. 

While Playing Offline You Should Look for:

  • Look for such kind of players who limp a lot.
  • Run after every draw and call with any post-flop.
  • Regularly have bad hands at the showdown.
  • Look for a correct game

Now, that you have an idea about online and live poker. Let’s talk about the games that you should play next. For a newbie, it’s good to go for cash games. 

In cash games, the blinds always remain the same and you can come and go whenever you feel like. Whereas, in poker tournament the blinds increases constantly and you can’t leave, or else, you will lose all your poker chips. 

Pro-tip: Cash games are the best for beginners because they are easy to play, and require less time in investment, and it always easy-peasy to find a game and play!

Playing with Correct Hands 

Poker Game Better- Poker University Big Stack

Lastly, you need to apply the correct strategy against your opponents. Make sure when to bet, raise, etc. Here, are some tips:-

  • When you’re in position, play with most hands.
  • Bet whenever you have a pair or better hand.
  • Don’t bluff every time.
  • Control your tilt when you turn unlucky.

If you know more strategies by which one can make money by playing poker. Let us know in the comment section below.


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