Mistakes a Poker Beginner Must Avoid Making at Pre-Flop

Pre-Flop is one of the poker rounds that usually gets ignored but holds crucial importance. Most beginners do not realize its importance and often mess up by playing it the wrong way.

Poker is not rocket science, but, despite your knowledge, you may end up making mistakes when it comes to actually playing it. Well, that is not a problem when you can improve them.

Being a beginner, below are some mistakes that you must avoid making at pre-flop –

Open Limping


Open limping i.e. calling big blinds at pre-flop is poor poker strategy that most beginner players practice. There is no chance that you can win the pot pre-flop by open limping. By using this strategy you give chance to your opponents by putting the extra money in the pot. They now have a chance to win big. Extra cash reduces your chances of winning with weak hands.

However, note that limping can be beneficial also at certain poker situations. Suppose, your opponent has limped, and you have a hand that is not worthy of raising but not even weak to fold. You can just call the pot and win a better amount probably.

Not Considering the Position

Most beginner players forget that their position also defines the way they should play. Your position decides the range of hand you should play.

If you have more people behind, you must play tight. The more opponents you have after you, means stronger hands to compete with. Just keep in mind to play with a tight range at an early position and start loosening the range as you get ahead in your position.

Playing Tight

Suppose you are at a small blind position and you are playing passive without raising. There are chances that your opponents will feel you have weak hands and start playing aggressive towards you. To avoid this mistake, you must raise with the hand that you have. This will increase your opportunity to win that pot.


Most new players even make mistakes while playing at a big blind position. It is the position where you have the most advantages as you are the last one to act. Being at this position, you can play loose and save your big bling by playing rather than being aggressive.

Most beginner poker players do not understand the importance of acing it at pre-flop. They hardly pay any attention to the mistakes they are making. Not a lot of them even know that they have been committing these mistakes.

How many of these mistakes do you commit? How are you trying to improve them? Share with us down below.

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