Things You Have Been Doing Wrong As a New Poker Player

Being a beginner poker player, are you confident of your game? YES!

Are you sure? If not, ask yourself again for you may not be noticing the mistakes that you have been making at your crucial poker matches.

Let us take a look at some of the things that you have been doing wrong being a newbie at poker-

Playing Excessive Hands at Pre-flop


One of the biggest mistakes that most poker players tend to make in their beginning years is use of excessive hands before flop. Players must know that not all the hands are required to be played at pre-flop. A hand must meet some requirements for being used for a pre-flop hand for which you need to choose it appropriately. Using more hands at pre-flop is never going to increase your winning chances.

Going Too Far With the Same Hands

While some of the novice poker players use their hands excessively, there are others who over-value their hands and go too far with the same combination. Many players take their hands to the last round of the game without even giving it a proper thought that whether or not it should be given that much of importance.

Believing In Luck More Than Skill


Another mistake that most raw poker players forget to notice is the importance that they give to luck over the skills. A lot of them make moves because they feel it is going to be the right choice with no genuine strategy. However, poker is a game involving mathematics and calculations. To win it, skill is all that a poker player needs. Rather than being dependent over luck, improving skills will help you stand still in the long run.

Opting for Short-Term Poker Success

One of the things that most new poker players tend to do wrong is focus on short-term poker success. There are times when they start questioning their game even when it was right just because they could not win the pot. If you are playing well, you must not care whether you win or lose in the initial stage. Poker is a long-term game. To see the impacts of your skills on your game, you have to give the game some time and keep practicing it regularly.

Have you also been making these mistakes without even realizing? If yes, it is time to flip the case now and start playing poker like a professional.

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