Online Poker Or Live Poker – Which One to Choose?

Do you love to play poker but always end up confusing yourself whether to go for online poker or live poker? Well, that is the confusion that most of the poker players go through. If you are one of them, here, let us see which one can be the right choice for you?


Online Poker


  • You can play your favorite poker game sitting comfortably in your PJs at your home. All that you have to do is, search for a reliable poker website and you are only clicks away from playing the game.
  • At online poker platforms, you get a chance to choose from a variety of poker games to play. You do not just have to stick with a single game. You can try other types of games as well.
  • Several online poker websites give you a chance to play poker for free. They also offer welcome bonuses to encourage the players to play the game. So, you have a chance to enjoy the game with no risk involved.

Poker Tilt


  • You can play online poker at any hour, at any minute. This seems like a ‘pro’ but can turn into a ‘con’ as it may become difficult for you to get out of the game. You might find yourself getting addicted to the game.
  • Not all online poker websites are safe for you to play. Before heading online, you must choose a secure site for playing poker.

Live Poker


  • Playing live poker comes with glitz and glamour. From dressing up elegant to winning those extra bundles of money, all comes with a posh lifestyle.
  • At live poker, a player is being served and treated well. Whether it is drinks or snacks you have it all for you.
  • There are no distractions in the case of live poker. While everyone at a casino is there to play and win, the chances of any distractions are minimal.

Get Better Playing Poker- Big Stack


  • Playing poker offline can mean bigger bets. There can be casinos where the minimum limit for bets is going to be high above your limit which can serve as a con for some poker players.
  • You are getting noticed every minute while you are there in a casino playing poker. for the times when you see your emotions overpowering you, there is no possible way out to the situation.

After discussing all the pros and cons of both the platforms of playing poker, it depends on you which one suits you the best.

If you prefer comfort, playing online poker might be the choice that you are looking for. However, if you look forward to experiencing the real poker fun at a casino, live poker is surely going to be the pick for you.

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