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Poker is a fun game and anyone can say that without a doubt. Poker matches can be long and cumbersome at times. Not every person who loves to play poker can give it that amount of time.

Your packed schedule does not mean that you have to stop playing the game. Here are 5 easy to play poker variants that are not going to take more than 5 minutes of your game –

Blind Hold’em


This poker variant is easy to play and requires the knowledge of poker hand rankings. All it involves is dealing every player with two cards facing downwards and then dealing with a five card board. The best hand wins the game. It can be really fun to play it when you do not have enough time.

Blind Omaha

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It is played quite in a similar way that Blind Hold’em is played. Each player is dealt four cards face down. After the flop is dealt, every player reveals two of their cards. After the turn, the players further reveal another card and the last one at the river (last round of poker). The best Omaha hand wins the game.

Crazy Dutchy

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In this game, each player is dealt with three cards facing down which only the player can look. The game involves three flops and each poker player is required to pass one of the cards to the opponent on their left. Players have to deal with three turns and three rivers. One who wins two or more boards wins the game. A player, who wins all the boards, wins double of the standard bet.

Estonian Twist

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This variant involves a little tricky strategy than Blind Hold’em and Omaha. Each player in the game is dealt with three cards facing down which only they can look at. They, then, have to choose one of these cards to pass on to their opponent on the left. One card is to be thrown in the muck by the players which leave them with two cards. After the turn and river rounds, the one who has the best hand wins the game.

Yes, you need to give time to poker if you are looking forward to making it your profession. But, when it is about your fun towards the game, you just need minutes to play these simple poker variants.

Which one do you like to play the most? Tell us in the comment section below.



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