How to Manage Your Poker Bankroll? Big Stack Poker University

Maintaining a separate bank account for all your poker affairs is what we call poker bankroll in poker terminology.

Most players suffer when it comes to the management of a bankroll. While some play more than what their bankroll allows, others do not maintain a poker bankroll at all.


If you are also one of these players, it is time to change the way you think. Management of your bankroll is one of the crucial things that any poker player must know about. Here are some of the ways how you can learn to manage your bankroll –

Separate Your Finances

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur poker players tend to make is not separating their finances. Poker is like a business. You need to invest money in it to make more money. For the same, separating finances is crucial. If you are spending out of your poker bankroll, it can result in the downfall of your poker business. So, separate your poker finances and use that money only for poker.

Play What Your Bankroll Allows

Most players play poker with a motive to win. However, what most of the beginners and intermediate players tend to forget is their bankroll. They are so desperate to win that they continue playing even when they lose. This can seriously affect your bankroll and can leave you bankrupt. You must only play to the amount that your bankroll allows. Rather than making bigger stakes, you can opt to play with smaller stakes if you have a small bankroll.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Move Down in Stakes


For effective bankroll management, knowing when to move down in stakes is an important thing every poker player must consider. One should not feel ashamed to move down in stakes when the bankroll does not allow to play higher stakes.

Make Most Out of Your Money

Playing poker is like an investment. You invest your money into it to make more out of it. To make the most out of your money, you must start analyzing your game. Notice the moves you are making. Observe which of your moves are helping you win and which of them are making you lose. Try playing your strong moves frequently while improving your weaker moves. Improve your game to win most out of the money you invest.

If bankroll management has always been challenging for you, it is time to get rid of the problem now. These above listed are some of the ways that can help you manage your bankroll in the best possible way.

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