Having a Poker Face is a Curse or a Blessing?

Poker face is a term used in a poker game, but now this term has become quite common among folks. Even if someone plays poker or not, they know poker face means hiding various emotions under the unrevealing face.

Having a poker face is a blessing when you’re sitting with your opponents on the poker table, and it becomes a curse when you carry the same face outside the table. People can assume that you’re arrogant.

How to read a poker face” 

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of having a poker face.

poker face

Poker face act as a reward for the player

Thinking to win the game? Then, don’t show any expression on your face. If you show your expression on your face, then an expert player can easily catch you from your expression.
Hiding facial expression from your opponent is very important. If you know all the tips and tricks of the game and are not able to keep a poker face, the game can turn difficult for you. In short, while playing the game try to keep a good poker face.

Your chances on the poker table are a mystery

When you have a poker face on the table your opponent will never understand or can predict what card you will be throwing in the next round.
Poker face really helps a player when he/she thinks to bluff at any round of the game. Your opponent will always be under a question mark situation.

You’re brilliant in hiding your feelings

Even if you’re nervous or feeling low your expression on your face will never let your opponent know about it. This is something which can always fall on your favor.

poker-faceThis particular trait comes under the player automatically. And they carry the same in their daily life too among their pals and colleagues. This makes them master in hiding their real feelings.

People don’t believe you easily

At times when you show your real side to the world, then it turns hard for them to digest. As they think, that you must be lying or simply just kidding. This act as a big drawback when you really want support but you don’t receive it.

People can take your sarcasm seriously

As you always have a neutral kind of face your tone of sarcasm can sound serious to your listeners. This expression of yours can act as a barrier for you in your life.

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