Poker Hands Analysis Tips

There are two types of players in poker. 

One, who play their poker hands, win or lose and forget about them. And, the other, who post-playing take the time to analyze their hands. For all the leaks, they try to find appropriate plugs to avoid the same mistakes. 

analysis of poker hands

This habit of analyzing the hands is what makes these players professionals. Analyzing hands is one of the most predominant factors that help players making their game stronger. 

Today, in this article we are going to take a look at some of the tips from professional players that help them to effectively analyze their poker hands. 

To begin with, let us first understand what analyzing means. 

According to the dictionary, analyzing is examining (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.

Similarly, when we mention analyzing poker hands, we mean taking a closer look at them to interpret them. Finding the mistakes (if any) and finding the fillers. 

Below are some of the secret tips to successfully analyze your poker hands.  

Recording your hand histories is necessary

In order to successfully analyze your hands. It becomes mandatory for a player to keep a track of his/her hands. 

Why they played a certain hand? What made them win/lose? If not the same action was taken, what might have been the result? Would it have been better or worse? 

For the same, most elite poker players record their poker hands. Of course, the step is not possible when you are playing live in a casino. However, is surely possible in the case of online games. 

An ample number of programs, in the present day, are there to help you record your hands. Once you have finished playing, you can use these programs to review your hand histories and analyze your hand. 

Take every action into consideration for the most appropriate poker hands analysis. 

Keep a note of your intuitions

Let us understand this with an example. 

Suppose you are on the river (last round of the game) and your opponent bets 20k. You decide to call. But somehow, your gut feeling denies the action. In this case, make a note either mental or physical about what your intuition said. 

This will help you in analyzing your actions on the table

Pick an appropriate time

Time also plays an important role in determining the best possible outcome of your hand analysis. To well analyze a hand it is crucial to find the right time. If you have chosen to view your hands just after you have finished a game, it is quite evident that the results are not going to be very fruitful. The reason being, you are probably going to feel tired after a match. 

Picking an appropriate time when you are relaxed and in a stable state of mind is going to help you in the perfect analysis of your hand. 

Take help from Online Content 

An ample amount of content is present online in all fields. And, the same is the case when we talk about poker. A number of poker books, online courses, articles, and videos are published every day.  

Most of these educational resources are free and anyone can have access to them. You might not find the exact solution for your hands but you can surely find a general solution that can help you in a valuable analysis of your hands. 

Let us consider an example. 

Suppose we want to find whether we should be making a C-bet against our opponent or not. In this case, you might not find the exact situation or hand. But, you can find an abundance of content on C-betting, using which you can easily analyze your hand. 

So, these are some of the easiest ways for poker hands analysis. Do let us know if these tips have helped you or not. 

Comment down your views and do not forget to share if you like. 

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