Poker Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now!

Poker is a game that has always been able to win enormous attention for the rumors it comes with. While some say it is gambling, there are others who believe it is a man’s game. The list of myths does not end here, there are a lot more that most of the people blindly believe.

Today, let us debunk all the poker myths that you have blindly believed till now.

Poker is Bluffing


It is undoubtedly true that bluffing is an important part of poker but it does not define the whole of it. Poker is more than just bluffing. Moreover, bluffing is a skill that defines poker. A lot of beginner poker players believe in this myth and bluff their opponents without any proper knowledge. However, on the other hand, skilled players know well when they should bluff.

Poker is a Man’s Game

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Another strongly believed myth is poker being termed as a man’s game. Today, both men and women are opting to play poker and make it their career option. Among the famous poker players, names of female players have also been added which shows that it is no more a man’s game.

Winning is All About Reading Opponents


A lot of raw players think that reading opponents at the match is the only way to win a poker session. However, in case of online poker, you do not have a chance to see your poker player or judge them by their body language. To win poker, all that you need is strong strategies and timing. It is true that studying your poker player facilitates the winning process but it is certainly not all that you require.

Poker is Gambling

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Like any other game that involves money, poker is also considered synonymous to gambling. They believe it is all about luck, where you gamble your money and leave the rest upon your fate. Those who know poker closely will be aware of the fact that it is much more than gambling. It involves reading skills, bluffing skills, mathematical skills and much more which makes it a game of skill.

Only Pro Players Win Matches


Many beginners believe in this myth and are often under confident for the same reason. Believing that only pro poker players can win matches is the biggest myth. There are a number of new players as well who have won many poker challenges. Additionally, there have been times when even the professional players lose big poker matches.

Looking at all these myths we can now say it is time to stop believing them and start playing instead.

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