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Becoming a crackerjack of poker is vital when you’re serious and planning to make a good career out of it. Skill and strategies are the basics of the game and essential at the same time. How quickly you grasp the strategies of the game, totally depends upon you.

Listed below are some strategies which you can apply in your game to make it better:

Strategy for Beginners

1. Selecting a site- Before starting to play your game, it’s very important to select the best site for yourself. Check if the site is governed under governments’ regulations to ensure a safe play or not?
Analyze different software and play which suits you the best and has a lucrative game deals.

2. Study your game- Study and understand your game well before playing it. Go through the tips and rules of the game. Learn the hand combination, betting tips, hand ranking, etc.

3. Give more time to your game- Utilize more time in playing your game. Since you’re new to this game, try to practice for long hours, it will help you to improve your game and understand the techniques of the game.

4. Don’t play in a haste – Playing is important but not in a haste. This is the place where you should work on your patience. This will help you to play your game effectively.

Strategy for Intermediate Players

1. Hand Ranges- Now, at this level, you should be able to figure out your opponent’s hands. Be an observant and study your and your opponents’ game at the same time.

2. Play with more hands- It’s time for you to shift your focus on more cards and play with more hands. Try to play with more hands to get the highest playing hand combinations.

3. Overcome your tilt- A player needs to overcome his/her tilt. This can affect your game in a bad way and make you lose your money and good chances.

4. Beat the fish- Figure out the fish player and focus on them. A fish player can help you to earn money easily. Mark their mistakes and use the same against them.

5. Go for poker Coaching- Want to grow and make a good career in poker? Then, get a good coach for yourself who can teach you all about poker. A coach can help you to work on your mistakes and make it better.

These were some poker strategy guides for both the beginners and the intermediate players. Like reading it? Let us know in the comment section below.

” Poker Strategies an Advance Player Must Consider “

Poker is a game where defeat comes in each one’s way. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, scope to improve is always there.

If you are an intermediate poker player taking your career a step ahead, here are some of the advance poker strategies you must consider –

Consider Different Styles to Play


In different poker matches, different poker situations arise. An advance player must know how to play in different poker situations. There are different ways to play in different poker scenarios.

  • Tight – When a player is playing tight, it means that he/she is playing safe with few hands.
  • Loose – It is just the opposite of Tight. Here a player plays with a lot of hands.
  • Aggressive – When a player starts betting and raising too much to create a pressure over other players, it is said that the player is playing aggressive.
  • Passive – It is opposite of what an aggressive poker player is.

The way a player plays the game depends mostly on the situations. However, it can also depend on the way a player feels confident and comfortable to play in.

Make Sure You Are Bluffing Right  


Many players including some of the intermediate players bluff insignificantly. Whenever they are in a dangling poker situation, they feel bluffing their opponents can be a rescue. However, they forget bluffing right is the only bluffing rule.

Consequently, another important thing that one must consider is to bluff right or not to bluff at all. The only time when you should bluff is when you know that your opponent will believe your bluff.

Know the Importance of Position

The dealer or button is the last player to act in a poker match. This position is the most beneficial as a player already knows how his/her opponents have acted. To be fair to all players, every player gets a chance to be in this position. After every hand, players change their positions.

When you are in this position, you must play wise. Play more hands when it is your turn to be in this position.

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