How to Stay Calm in Annoying Poker Situations?

Keeping yourself calm is not a piece of cake when it comes to poker. There arrive situations when even some of the pro players lose their patience. However, tilting is more common among the beginners and intermediate poker players.

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Losing patience while playing can be destructive for your poker career. Controlling your emotions and being cool and calm is a trait of an expert poker player.

Here are some of the ways that can help you be calm while playing even in mind-boggling situations –

Start Counting Back and Forth

Since childhood, this has been one of the best ways to be patient in all kinds of situations. Well, when it is about poker, counting can still help. Whenever the game goes against the way you wish it to be, take some time to analyze. Analyze yourself; see how you are reacting to the situations. Take deep breaths and start counting back and forth. However, this method might not work for everyone out there.

Think About Your Best Moves


At times when the situation gets frustrating for you to handle, recalling your successful moves can help you regain patience.  Thinking about your winning games can help you get the confidence back. Rather than losing your patience, handle the situation maturely. Keeping calm will help you think of a better way to tackle the situation.

Lower Your Expectations

Playing poker without losing is something next to impossible. Even pro players lose at times. Accepting your failure is one of the best ways to fight it. Expecting least from your game will help you remain patient even when things go against your wish.

Practice Yoga and Meditation


One of the best ways to make patience a part of your life is through yoga and meditation. Practicing meditation on a regular basis can help you get control of your mind. It helps in staying away from any distraction not just in poker but your real life too. If you want to get calm and poised at the game, making patience a part of your life through yoga and meditation is going to be a long-term solution for you.

Inculcating these tips in your behavior will help you be a patient poker player regardless of the situation.

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