How to Fold Your Strong Hands in Poker?

When talking about poker, getting rid of weak hands is something that every poker player wants as soon as possible. However, when it comes to strong hands, a lot of players stay unaware of the importance of folding strong hands at times.


Strong hands make you win. But, knowing when to get rid of them makes you a consistently winning player.

Here is how to decide when to fold your strong cards –

Follow Your Instincts

A lot of us do not understand the language that our instincts converse with us in. Most of the time our subconscious tries to tell us about the coming danger but we choose to ignore it. Getting rid of your strong poker hands is tougher than getting rid of the weak hands. In such cases, your instincts guide you the best way. If you have a strong vibe that says, fold your cards, then trust your vibes and do it right away.

Use Mathematical Skills


To be sure about your decision to fold your strong cards, combining instincts with some logic can be the right way to do it. Use your mathematical skills to make a better decision.

Keep a track of the raising pattern of your opponent. Observe the amounts of raises they make. This will give you a hint about the hands they are probably having. Based on which, you can decide whether you should fold or not. You can also decide by considering the chips you have. If you are short on chips, use them only for a strong hand.

Consider Pot Odds

To avoid the confusion, considering pot odds can help you judge better. A pot odd is the price of your bet in comparison to the value of the pot. If you feel your hand is strong enough to win, opt for calling. However, if you think your hand is not that strong, choosing to fold your cards.

These were some of the not-so-simple ways to fold your strong hands or in a live poker game. After all, who wants to fold their strong cards? It is always a tough call to do it. However, with time and familiarity with the game, you will learn the tricks of folding strong hands.


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