The Future of Poker – An In-depth Study

The poker industry is growing rapidly today but will it continue to grow shortly? What will be the future of poker? Is it going to be as revenue-generating as it is right now? What is going to be the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the game? Today, we are going to look into this subject of extreme importance by taking a closer glance at the situation. 

Poker is a mode of fun and part-time earnings for a large section of the individuals. It gives them a fair chance of demonstrating their skills and talent in wide player groups and earning money. 


To look into the future that the game possibly holds for you, it is important that we first take a quick look at a brief history of poker. Why it became important to people and how it has started affecting lives. So, with no further ado let’s get started. 

Poker – A Brief History

As per the records, the game of poker developed somewhere near the 19th century in the United States. It is considered to be a modern descendant of Persian game known as As-Nas. 

However, most professionals also suggest that poker is unique in its form. They say that the games played earlier were played with cards but there is no such similarity when these are compared with poker. Poker has a unique and interesting feature of betting that makes it admirable by the people. It started winning fame among the crowd. 

By the 1970s poker became even more popular among the individuals. More people started playing the game. Tournaments started getting famous. More casinos came into existence and then started the World Series of Poker in the same year, 1970. More players got a platform to showcase their talent and make an earning out of their skills. Influenced by the crowd, poker, after that didn’t look back and is one of the most appreciated and famous games among the youth. Be it for entertainment or as a career, people love playing it.

Even though a lot of people play poker, most of them are confused about how the game might progress in the future. The current conditions of being in between a pandemic are making people question the game’s future even more. Until the Covid-19 virus changed the way we live, poker was played mostly in casinos with strangers. However, now the circumstances have changed drastically.

A substantial boost in the online poker industry will be seen

Future of poker

Throughout the quarantine period, players for whom poker is a mode of earning money and livelihood, have played online poker. Taking into consideration the current scenario, it is expected that the online poker industry will boom in the coming years. A noticeable rise is already detected by players and the top poker brands. 

Governments too are doing their bit by legalising the game accepting it to be a skill-based game rather than mere gambling. In the past few years, people have become more active in playing poker online rather than taking the effort of going to casinos. This has further led to the development of the online gaming industry. 

Being an exclusive poker e-learning platform, we, at Big Stack, have also noted a rise in our numbers. Hence, talking about the future of online poker, there is no doubt that everything is going to be positive in the upcoming years as well. 

A surge in competition amongst the players is expected

The growing online poker industry and easy access to the playing platform will also affect the way people play the game today. As we can already see contesting in poker matches has become far easier than before. Any player can start playing the game from the comfort of their home. Poker learning platforms are coming into the picture now. Players who were earlier playing for fun can now easily learn and play the game and improve their chances of winning and making more money. 

Earlier, when only a handful of players were playing it professionally, winning was not that tough of a task. Now, when players are becoming more and more conscious of their game, the competition among them is going to increase. The reason is access to knowledge and online playing platforms. 

Let’s get this more clear for you with the help of an example. 

100 years back from today, getting an education was not easy for people. Talking about India, many factors defined whether a kid will get to study or not. Some of them being, caste, gender, financial stability of the parents, and other facets included. A student studying at this time did not have much competition in front of him/her to secure a first position in the class. 

Nevertheless, times have changed now. More and more people have access to education. There are more platforms for getting free education which makes it accessible to more sections of the population (still not to all). Today, the competition amongst the individuals has risen to a noticeable extent. 

Poker chips

On similar terms, access to poker education and playing platforms is going to increase competition among the players in the forthcoming years. And, that’s again going to result in the substantial booming of the industry in the near future of poker. More people learn, more people play, more people win! 


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