Things to Consider Before You Start Your Poker Journey

Do you love playing poker? If yes, you are well aware of the times when you wanted to quit your job and start playing the game. However, it has never been that easy to do so.

Apart from a posh lifestyle, there is a lot you must consider if you are looking forward to start poker.  Like every profession, poker also comes with both pros and cons.


Let us take a closer look at them –

Pros of Poker

Your Passion

Most people wish to start poker because they love playing the game. Doing something that you love is always positive for any profession that you look forward to start. An ample number of successful poker players have reached heights for the reason that they saw poker as their Passion. However, those who merely started to play for money or fun have either quit the game or are still struggling to make a place. If you see poker as your passion, there are chances that you can be an elite poker player.


When it comes to profession, having your freedom is not what most professions usually offer. Even though poker requires huge amount of your time and skills, it gives you freedom like no other profession. You do not have to give your 9 hours to win. Rather, you can choose whenever you want to play and however long you wish to stay in the game.


Not every profession that you choose offers you the independence to take decisions. Poker, on the other hand, gives you total independence to make your own decisions. You want to fold, raise or quit the game? Everything depends on you. You are not answerable to anyone for the decisions you make.

Potential to Earn


This is one of the factors why most people opt for poker. Poker gives a better potential to earn than most professions. If you have fine poker skills, you can expect better monetary returns from the game.

Cons of Poker

You Need Money to Earn Money

One needs to have a bankroll to invest in poker and win money. When you win, there definitely are possibilities of you losing. In such cases of losing, your bankroll can get disturbed which can reduce your chances of further playing. One can avoid it by managing the bankroll well or by keeping a separate bankroll for poker.

Emotionally Challenging


Being a poker player, you can’t always just win. Even professional poker players or consistently winning players lose at some or the other point of time. So, thinking that you are only going to win is something next to impossible. This can be emotionally challenging at times. You can lose your confidence after regularly losing for a period of time. If you can face the emotional challenges, there are high of you being a successful poker player.

Like every profession, poker too has its own pros and cons. To make poker your career, it is important to accept them all with open arms.

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