What is Slow Roll in Poker?

Slow roll is a dramatic call that a player acts to take on the poker table despite having the best hand. Usually, a player chooses to slow roll on the table to mock the losing opponent. It is seen as one of the most loathed and contemptuous actions by the opponents and is considered as poor poker etiquette. 

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Slow roll explained with Example 

After a three hour long session in a 100/200 cash-game, player A and player B are on the river. The flop comes Jd 9h 2c 7h 5h. Player A has hit a flush on the last round and decides to go all-in with her chips. Being almost sure about her win, Player A knows that the only hand that can defeat her is a royal flush. 

Now, when the action goes back to Player B, he acts to call after a delay. On the showdown, Player A turned his flush. On the other hand, Player B, instead of revealing his cards, starts to laugh in a mocking manner revealing his straight flush. 

This dramatic action of calling and making your opponent believe you have a weaker hand than him is what is known as a Slow Roll in poker. 

Reasons why your opponent might be slow-rolling you…

Most players slow roll either to annoy or to make fun of their opponents. Sometimes, players choose to slow roll because they have a history involved with the person sitting in front of them. 

However, another reason which can be accepted as a basis for slow-rolling but is not is that people want their opponent to start tilting and lose the forthcoming rounds or even the match. 

Additionally, in the case of beginner players, it may not be an intentional action. There are times when new players or even the intermediate ones are not able to anticipate the value of their hands. As a result, they slow roll their opponents. 

Why should you never slow roll your opponent? 

A lot many players slow roll their opponents for fun. They are clear that they are going to win that pot but somehow choose to bring that dramatic touch to the table. 

However, you must never slow roll the other person as it is considered as poor etiquette. Even though, by the rules of the game, you are against each other, but, as a part of courtesy and respect for your opponent, you should avoid slow-rolling your opponent. 

Moreover, when a person slow rolls his/her action i.e. he/she is taking time to show their hands, it results in slowing down the game for all the players and not just a particular player. As a result, the whole table or all the players suffer due to one action meant solely for fun or minutes of mocking. 

Though slow roll in poker is not against any rules or norms of the game (as there is no pre-defined time within which a player must showdown) but, in some poker rooms, if the player continues to slow role, there are chances that the manager who doesn’t support such actions, might give a penalty to the player. 

So, even if you have been slow-rolling your opponents till now, it is time you stop now! 

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