What Makes A Poker Player Great? Big Stack Poker University

It takes time and dedication for a player to become a great poker player. You can easily find people taking up the profession, but not all can become great. One has to devote most of his/her time playing the game to become a great poker player.

Below are some listed points, which will let you know what makes a poker player great.



Experience is something which makes a poker player great. Experience is not gained in a day, it takes time. And, it comes from regular practice. You will find that a player who is old to this game has numbers of experience.

A new player can gain experience too if he/she devotes most of the time playing the game.


Knowledge is the basic thing which every poker player should have about their game. When it comes to a great poker player they are someone who has a wide knowledge about their move, flops, calls and moreover they know well when and where to apply strategies. This is the power of knowledge which a great player has.



Focus is actually a trait of a poker player. While playing, the player has to keep his/her eye on his/her opponents’ movement. They always have to check their opponents’ movement because a small distraction or mistake can ruin their chances of winning the game. At the same time, they learn more by looking at other players.


Patience makes a poker player great. You can easily find this quality in pro players. There are times when a player is left with bad hands and he/she has to fold the card and wait for the good spot, and this situation requires a lot of patience. Here, only successful or great players are able to survive.


Ready to learn

You will find that great players are always ready to learn something new. They even, try to grasp knowledge from their opponents too. They observe them how do they play, what all tricks and strategies they apply and try to carry it out in there next game.

These all qualities make a poker player great. If you think there are more as such qualities, then do let us know by adding your comment.

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